Welcome to Mill Hollow Deli

Located in House of Nutrition, we are an in-house deli creating healthy meal choices that are 100% homemade, using all natural and organic ingredients.

Perfect for the busy schedule! Stop in to choose from our prepared foods selection.


Fresh green salads with all the trimmings, as well as tempting selections of vibrant vegetable and bean salad bowls (a meal in themselves).


A variety of vegetarian and vegan fillings, dolphin safe tuna, and chicken salad, topped with fresh greens or healthful sprouts, make for a scrumptious quick lunch.


An abundant harvest of fresh garden ingredients and spices go into every bowlful of our nutritious soups, rich in vitamins, minerals, and flavor.


Hearty pasta dishes, flavorful ethnic bowls, savory pot pies and homestyle protein loaves...all perfect choices for dinner on the grab-n-go!


Grass-fed organic eggs are the main ingredient, baked in a crisp pastry crust, bubbling over with creamy fresh vegetable fillings.